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Maria's Cookery Course


“Highly recommened to all those food lovers!”

Name: Mrs. Huang
From: Wien, Austria
“Highly recommened to all those food lovers!”

If you are looking for a cookery class with true Veneto cusine in a paradise alike settings, this is the right place to be!

Two extremely charming Italian female chefs will pass on their knowlege and tricks so that you can learn and be a great chef yourself in a short time. Riccardo, the manager of the place, is extremly helpful for translation and logistics questions so that your stay will not only be a experience but a treat ! The domestic herbal garden next to the kirchen provides great ingredients for cooking, even the flour they use is from an organic local supplier within the same village ! What a privelige ! The course is well-planned, demonstration for the dishes is clear and logical, and most importantly, all ingredients are simple to organize so that you can immediatlely practise at home . Stay for minimum 3 days if not 5, you will not regret ! It is better than reading 1 million cook books!

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